Temporary Fence


Temporary Fence Panels
Temporary Fence Panels

Professional Fence Co. rents temporary fence panels for a diverse set of environments and events. Temporary panels are primarily used on construction sites, repair sites, crowd control, fundraisers, and special events. Rental pricing typically includes one-time set-up and one-time take-down.

Our temporary fence panels are 6′ tall x 10′ wide chain link fence set in concrete blocks. Our concrete blocks provide superior stability. We can also install privacy/windscreen on our temporary fence. Windscreen is commonly used on construction sites and at concerts.

Construction sites generally require temporary fence panels around them to keep trespassers/civilians out, protection for equipment & unfinished work, and for barriers to prevent injuries from falling into open holes.

We are proud to provide temporary panel rentals to many of Louisvilleโ€™s greatest venues and events such as the Kentucky Derby Festival, Louisville Waterfront Park, Abbey Road On The River, Ironman Louisville, Red Bull Flugtag, and NHRAโ€™s Street Rod Nationals at the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center.

I hope we come back (to Louisville) so we can work with you guys again.ย You were one of the best vendors I have had the pleasure of working with.

-Jason S., Hangman Productions, Red Bull Flugtag


Temporary fencing doesn’t just apply to panels. Long term construction sites often require temporary fencing that has permanent qualities. This is accomplished by driving the fence posts, instead of traditionally setting posts in concrete. All other aspects of the driven fence are the same as permanent chain link fencing. Because of this, driven fencing can be a variety of heights from 3′ tall and higher. While providing short term strength, it is installed with the expectations of an easier demo to keep customer costs down.

Post Driver
Driving Posts for Temporary Fence