Galvanized Guardrail
Galvanized Guardrail

Guardrail is a safety barrier commonly associated with roadways because of its brute strength and ability to sustain high pressure impacts, but there are actually several types of guardrail. Professional Fence installs three different types of guardrail to consider for your project: galvanized, double rail safety systems, and wooden. Each type of guardrail has distinct advantages and can be utilized in different locations, facilities, job sites, and roadways.


Galvanized guardrail is primarily seen outdoors on roadways, parking lots, elevated driveways, and even distribution centers. Galvanized steel is durable, strong and rust-resistant. Posts are generally driven into the ground but can also be set in concrete plugs. Plated posts for indoor applications on existing concrete are also available.


These yellow safety guardrail systems are ideal for warehouses, distribution centers, and factories. Built with plated posts and set with wedge anchors, this product is used to protect employees/visitors, assets, offices, workstations, and inventory from machinery and forklifts. Though there is a single rail system, warehouses generally opt for double rail systems for strength and added protection. Also, the double rail will protect people and items, both low and high. The guardrail is painted yellow to create high visibility and caution.


Wooden guardrail is generally used in natural settings such as parks and wooded areas. This product is strong because of the thickness of the posts and railing, but doesn’t have the strength of steel guardrails. It is ideal for low-velocity impact areas where the speed of vehicles would be slower. We use pressure treated wood to combat wood eating insects and weather the elements.