Mellwood Pump Station Gates & Ornamental
Custom Ornamental Gates

Gates are all about controlling entry and exit to your property. We offer several types of gates for each type of fencing including chain link, ornamental, wood, & pvc. There are two main types of gates: swing gates and slide gates.

Swing gates (seen right) hinge off of a single post swinging 90°-180°. Swing gates are commonly used for pedestrian gates, dumpster pads, and entry ways.  These versatile gates can be outfitted with self-closing hinges, lockable latches, panic bars, card readers, and several other automated gate options.

Slide gates work on a rolling system on two posts that open and close the gates parallel to the fence line. These are typically used in high security facilities for vehicle entry or loading areas.


Operators are an important part of high security access control.  The convenience associated with gate operators is unmatched because it allows for vehicles with security clearance to enter and exit your facility without leaving their vehicle.  Gate operators can be installed on swing gates and slide gates. Access through operated gates can be initiated in a number of ways including card readers, key codes, & security guard operated.

Operated gates include several safety features that meet requirements such as UL325.  There are several moving parts on automated gates.  That is why we follow several guidelines to ensure the safety of the parties passing through the gate opening and of those near the gate while it functions.  Some of these safety features include photo beams, safety loops, leading edge sensors, emergency vehicle siren sensors, flashing lights, and sirens.

This video fully illustrates the convenience and security that come with operated gates.


Panic bars are a safety and security feature that can be added to gates when the fence is directly attached to a building and is enclosing the building’s exit. Panic bars are often mounted on doors but are increasingly being applied to gates. They are used on walk/man/pedestrian gates that also double as fire or emergency exits. Panic bars can be installed to have access to both sides of the gate with handle on the opposite side.

Because panic bars are required in certain areas by fire codes, high security areas often opt to have them for complete security from outside intruders. These secured areas will also typically elect to use panic bars with alarms and card readers for additional security.