Safety Equipment
Safety First

Safety is our #1 priority at Professional Fence. Safety starts with enabling each team member on our crew to spot unsafe conditions for our employees, customers, or other contractors working in our area. Our objective is to send everyone home at the end of each work day safely and healthy. It is because of our respect for safety that allows us to take on and complete challenging and unique products. We have participated in volunteer Kentucky OSHA audits to help create a safer working environment and meet OSHA working requirements.

We are equipped to safely complete any fencing project because of several safety precautions that we focus on and take pride in:

  • EMR is <1 for over 10 years
  • Employees equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Proper training with equipment
  • Regular drug testing of employees
  • Regular criminal background checks on employees for clearance in high security areas, schools, and any job requiring so
  • Fence specific and general safety training
  • Job site/customer required safety training/orientation (Example: LG&E Passport Training, Ford Safety Orientation, MSD Contractor Safety Course, etc.)

Many of the products that we offer and install have safety features on them or are installed for safety purposes. Safety is at our very core and that extends to how our customers ultimately interact with the fence products that we install.

We actively look for ways to improve our safety for our crews and customers, contractors, or persons that we interact with.