We understand the many needs for fencing your property. Some common reasons property owners need fencing is for aesthetics, security, safety, pets, and pools. Our products include galvanized & vinyl coated chain link, ornamental, wood, PVC, composites, gates, and gate operators. The right fence can complement and enhance a home nicely if it is carefully selected, quality crafted, and installed professionally. We offers a wide variety of visually enticing products that are available to our customers. Security and safety are extremely important to every property owner. A secure fence will not only keep what is not wanted out, but also whatever is inside in.


A significant amount of residential fencing is for pet owners. We can accommodate your needs for animals of all sizes. Different dogs require different styles of fencing. Some dogs dig and some dogs jump. There are styles of fence that can help combat both of these urges that your canine might have. We are experienced in everything from residential yards to exhibits at the Louisville Zoo.


Pool owners, by law, are required to have fencing around their pool for safety purposes. We install several styles of fence that meet all national and local swimming pool regulations. Owning a pool is a luxury that requires great responsibility. Pool codes have several requirements that homeowners should follow for safety, to avoid liability, and protect your loved ones & yourself. Click here for the Louisville Metro/Jefferson County Pool Code. Click here for the Kentucky State Pool Code.


  • Contact Your Homeowner’s Association (HOA): Find out any limitations/issues surrounding fences in your neighborhood. HOA’s often dictate accepted locations, styles, materials, and heights of fence allowed in your neighborhood. Most HOA’s require a formal request and issue approval once the plans for the fence have been reviewed.
  • Locate Your Property Lines: Often property lines dictate the layout of your fence so it is important to know were the boundaries are. Homeowners are ultimately responsible for the fence line because we install the fence where you tell us to. If you need your property surveyed, your PFC salesperson can refer a surveyor.
  • Identify Private Underground Utilities/Lines: Professional Fence will have your property located & marked for public utilities, but private lines and drains are the responsibility of the homeowner. Private lines and utilities include, but are not limited to, underground fence, satellite television, lines to garages or detached buildings, irrigation systems, or drainage lines. If you are aware of any of these underground lines, notify the PFC salesperson as soon as possible. Public utilities, marked by PFC, include local electric & gas, water, cable, phone, & sewer.