Celebrating 20 Years of Ownership

PFC 20 Years

All year long, we’re celebrating 20 years of ownership by CEO Brenda Osmer. Since January 19, 2001, Brenda, with the help of her husband and President, Bob Osmer, have poured into our business and navigated an ever-changing environment to help make this business successful. 

PFC Owner
Brenda Osmer, with husband Bob, pose next to temporary fence panels set up for the Kentucky Derby Festival.

“It hasn’t always been easy but with determination and great employees, it has been so rewarding. I love driving past projects that we have completed and the events we have worked to make a positive impact throughout our city and beyond,” Brenda exclaimed. 

Professional Fence was founded in 1976 in Crestwood, KY and operated in both commercial and residential markets, but one of the first decisions that was made under new ownership was to shift to nearly all commercial projects. This change allowed them to focus more on the needs of their customers, because they understand the value of customer service, customer satisfaction, and a solid reputation that can be shared by word of mouth.

PFC Timeline

Brenda and Bob have put a lot of pride into the type of work that they will take on. By utilizing their extensive and diverse skillset, PFC has brazenly take on new styles of fencing and types of products to extend their capacity beyond basic fencing styles. This has helped them to think critically to balance the needs & skills of the business with the needs of great customers.

Quality work and the boldness to take on challenging projects has been a rewarding experience, both mentally and on the trophy shelf. We have been the recipient of 4 nationally recognized awards, including 3 from the American Fence Association. These awards honor distinguished workmanship on complicated projects.

But it’s not just about the awards, it’s rewarding to provide job opportunities for good people. Brenda and Bob have been fortunate to have a solid team to help achieve the business’ goals. Whether it is management, sales, or installation, everybody has played a role in the success of the company.

To all of our employees and customers: We are forever grateful for how you have helped us build a successful small business that serves the great City of Louisville.

Brenda Osmer, Owner & CEO